Frosty Rehab Hash 2011

Buggers, familians, wankers be you all, cum celebrate another “auto de fe”, not like the month of May (Cinco) but like the month of December (10 err plus 2), the BH3 annal Frosty Rehab Hash. 

 Cum Hash where the average home light bill for the month of December is more than the household income of 99 percent of Bakersfield households. Let them feel the earth tremble under there feet as we sing Sophists inspired Hashmas carols that Socians and Manecheans would agree as being equally offensive to Jansenists and Jesuits alike. While the residents of Haggin Oaks neighborhood may not hold the same opinion of our songs they (as yet) are only limited to devouring us by their eyes all the time of our, all to brief, vocal registration. 

 Everything in this world happens for the best, war, pestilence, Herman Cain, the Internet.  Need proof of this dialectic, if it weren’t for the spoilage of hops we would not have our sacramental PBR. So cum celebrate a years worth of destruction at this years Frosty Rehab Hash for in the end it must all be good. 

 Co-admirals of the Hash Diamond Dick and Butthook will be the hares. Normal meeting time – 6:30 p.m., Monday December 19, 2011.  Meet in the parking lot on the north side of the Kaiser Permanente medical building at the NE corner of Ming Ave. and Haggin Oaks Dr., across the street from the Marketplace. Bring a flashlight so you can read the song sheet.

Lest ye set aside your bacon, Nātīvitās Regalia is required. Cost of admission is $5. Map to the A at this link:

Care to know WTF this is about click here:

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