BH3 Super Bowel Weekend 2012

OK wankers, it’s time to get the analyule BH3 Super Bowel weekend at Mammoth organized. Super Bowel weekend is Feb 3-5 this year. We need to get an ACCURATE head count for lodging as soon as possible. Some people stay 2 nights and return home on Sunday; others stay over Sun night and ski Monday.

If you intend on going, please let me know ASAP 1) how many people are cumming, and 2) how many nights (Fri and Sat Feb 3-4, or Fri/Sat/Sun Feb 3-5).

Cost for the weekend will depend mostly on the number of units we need to rent and the number of skiers going. Cost will include light breakfast stuff (coffee, juice, bagels, etc.) and dinner on Saturday night. From past years, cost for 2 nights will be on the order of $140, and cost for 3 nights will be about $200.

I will collect deposits of $75 per person. But first I need to know if you are definitely going or not. Please send a note to Butthook with the important details – how many people and how many nights. Then send a deposit. Please make deposit checks out to BHHH. Bring your money to a run.


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