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#OnOn #2020Census Get a Job!!!! You beer bumbs

OK all you Beer Bumb Hash House Harriers Bako Hash Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers Long Beach Hash House Harriers (LBH3) and beyond wanker and harriett slackers.

Time to get a job!!!!!

Get 10 weeks of pay to go around your community recruiting for Hash err err serving your cummunity. Warning some work mates might be distracting.

But hurry the $99 an hour jobs are going fast. You might have to settle for something less.


— Bakersfield Hash House Harriers (At Least It’s A Dry Heat) A Drinking Club With A Running Problem

Jan 27 Hash – F.A.G. Family Affair

F.A.G. has probably violated all manner of labor law by forcing his kids to lay this week’s trail. And he was probably also plying them with shitty beer. So you will definitely want to come out for this trail and see what havoc the Family Riddle has wrought.

Trail will start where Stockdale Hwy and the Westside Parkway converge. Meet on the north side of Stockdale, just west of Derrel’s Mini Storage. Map to the start location at this link: https://goo.gl/maps/PgUkqtt4brtXDr6e9

Bring $5 for the usual assortment of shitsnacks and cold beer. Bring a flashlight, and maybe a compass as well.