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Meet @ Garces Circle. Diablower’s the Hare for this 4/26/21 trail. Regular cost $5, 6:30pm. Only promise is that it will be a $hitty, trail, with $hitty $nacks and extra $hitty PBR and what ever is left from a week in the back of his car. https://goo.gl/maps/Y3BmiCPTy1gaSWKaA

April 19 Hash

Jabba will be the hare for the April 19 hash. Trail will start from the parking lot just outside the east entrance to Hart Park and just past the northwest corner of the Kern River soccer fields. Map to the start location at this link: https://goo.gl/maps/sXZuZWw4KZZjiGAH6

Meet at 6:30, pack will be off at 6:45. Trail will undoubtedly be in unlit areas, so bring a flashlight for later stages of the run. Normal fee of $5 for the usual smorgasbord of beer and shitsnacks.