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Feel Like $hit But Hash Must Go On On Hash 1/17/22

Mondays hash will be as $hitty as your hare, Diablower feels right now. Not the rona just a bitch a$$ cold. .25 mile, 2 or 4 miles yet to be determined.

Regular time 6:30 pm
Cost $5

Meet at 10000 Stockdale Hwy between Kern River Bike Trail/Park at Riverwalk. Between TJ Maxx-DSW Shoes. .

35.3524325573469, -119.12068244150274

In honor of MLK day just don’t try and be a D!CK for the day. Given this crowd I know it’s a lot to ask for.

On On Diablower/Fckn Jose

Hash Jan 10, 2022

#BakersfieldHeartHospital Parking lot golf 🛺 cart cop 👮 lady, you’ll know where to find us tonight. #CatLitter #PajamaGang

Cockadile will hare this #Bakersfield down-town $ure 2B $hitty trail. 6:30pm, $5, 13th fake street and Q across from Maya Theater