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Golf Run Aug 31

The analyule Golf Run will be on Monday, Aug 31. The start is at Westwold Park, just east of Gosford Rd. about ½ mile south of Ming Ave. Map to the start location at this link: https://goo.gl/maps/HCm5PuS5BP15t8ts5

For the uninitiated, the Golf Run is a 9-leg trail with a beer check at the end of each “hole.” Total length is 3 miles. Butthook will hare.

Meet at 6:30 and bring the usual $5 for the usual menu of cold PBR and assorted shitsnacks. We will start the run promptly at 6:45 so we can finish just at dark.


Horsecock Sallies – Hot times on the Horse Farm – Year of Our Fake Flu Hash 2020

Tomorrow’s August 17, 2020 Hash is only for the Brave and the Stupid. Which ever way you swing, we should expecting a full house. Should “Fake Flu” COVID19 not get you than tomorrow’s heat “What global warming” surely will. Horse Cock will be there to give you the last rights. So cum on down to Triple C Ranch 5818 South Fairfax Rd, Bako 93307 for a Hash you’ll (if you survive) never forget. 6:30 pm, bring $5, swimsuit (or not) and a towel for a post hash dip in her pond. Wimps can bring masks and social distance. #OnOn #FakeFlue