Annalule WestChester Light Hash 2011

Wankers the reason for the season is here otherwise known as the Annalule WestChester Light Hash.

Bring your best seasonal garb to this Hash – Santa Suits, Reindeer Ears, Harrietts can cum dressed up as Santa Ho Ho Ho’s.   Spend the night with Hares Stools and Bringem touring the lights of WestChester,  singing off colour carols, slinging green spluggies and in general razing the spirits of all we will meet.

However be warned, word is out that Sarah Barham AKA the Jastro Park nag may be out to bust the party.  Some of you may know her from a previous WestChester hash,  she has the haunting fear that some wanker, somewhere, may be having a good time. She has city hall on her speed dial so be careful out there.

Event: Annalule WestChester Light Hash 2011
Date: Monday December 12, 2011
Location: Jastro Park, on the corner of Truxtun and Elm
Time: 6:30 pm.
Cost:  Fiver-Cinco ($5)

Hash. Bring a flashlight, and a newby as a present for good ol Bringem to play with!!

Ho, Ho, I mean, On, On.


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