Occupy Panorama Drive Hash 2011


Reload your keg and fill up your pepper spray it’s time to fight to exercise your God given rights under the 21st Amendment to drink $hitty beer, unlawful assembly and public intoxication.

Now I don’t have any proof but I believe the liberal conservative Trotsky elite New Beer Order financed by the Federal Reserve System, the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and the US Department of Agriculture have nearly completed a False Flag operation to convert hops farms world wide for use as fuel in Green Cars.

Code named Tempus Matrem Magna this conspiracy will exclude the beer operations of the Inbreads and Heineken (smineken Fuck That Shit) of the world assuring that only corporate $hitting beer will be available to the masses.

Wankers fight the power; it’s time to Occupy Panorama drive and show the world we are the 5 percent by Alcohol Content.

  • Cum celebrate our right to mindless frivolity and inappropriate social commentary among people your mother told you to say away from.
  • Cum celebrate with Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) the last hope for true American $hitty beer.
  • Cum nosh on high caloric, salt and minimal nutritious $1 store snacks
  • Cum run with us if you are a lover of beer freedom

Diablower/F*ckn Jose will Hare this hash for hops freedom.  It begins at the parking lot on the corner of Panorama Drive and River Blvd across the street from Green Lawn Cemetery. Bring $5, a flashlight, some warm cloths and your love for freedom.

Event: Occupy Panorama Drive 2011
Date: Monday, Dec 5, 2011
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Parking lot on the corner of Panorama Drive and River Blvd..Meet at Rotary Logo 600 Feet East along trail
Non Deductible Donation: $5.00
Bring a Flashlight, warm clothing and a newbee to intoxicate ie indoctrinate

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