Christmas Hash – The West-Chest-Her Edition 2013

IMG_1098Don’t know who is going to hare, probably Jason so don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed. In fact if I were you I wouldn’t bother to show up, but if you must the following are the only instructions provided by the Hare “Same f@(king park it’s always @. Same f@(king theater. Same $hit. $6” Not my words but the Hare’s.

For any newbees and/or real runners what can you expect,

  • Crappy little run probably no more than 3-4 miles.
  • Beer stations with crappy beer probably no more than 3-4.
  • Green splugees illegal in 15 states
  • Dollar store crappy snacks before, during and after
  • Christmas songs that will scare the crap out of the neighborhoods


Event: BH3 Christmas Hash – The West-Chest-Her edition 2013
Date: Monday December, 16, 2013
Location: Jastro Park – 1710 Elm Street Central Bakersfield Map to A:
Cost: Not the Tap ‘N’ Run rip off of:

  • Not $60
  • Not $55
  • Not $50
  • Not even $45

but a mere 60 dead Franklin D. Roosevelt coins, or 1 dead Lincoln and 1 dead George – $6

This is a theme Hash to put on your penguin Santa suit and cum out for a good time.  Again from experience don’t expect much from our Hare and you won’t be disappointed. Finally, don’t forget to bring some warm cloths and a headlamp, you will need them for the cold, or at least until the green sploogies kick in.

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