A Gift Of The Season – Stools’s and Bring’em’s Free Beer Hash 2013


This week’s Hash has inspired me to song.  Thank you Homer Simpson

Dough, the stuff that buys me beer.
Ray, the guy who brings me beer.
Me, the guy who drinks the beer.
Far, a long way to get beer.
So, I’ll have another beer.
La, I’ll have another beer.
Tea, no thanks I’m having beer.
That will bring us back to…
beer, beer,beer,beer

Why am I singing you might ask, well let me tell you.  Bring’em Young and Superintendent of Stools are this week’s hares and they are bringing the beer.  How much for the Hash, well let me tell you.  Nada, Zip, Zilch, Free….this is Stools’  and Bring’em’s Christmas present to everyone.  So cum and enjoy.  No theme, tasteful Santa garb optional.free_beer

Event: Stools and Bring’em Free Beer Monday Hash
Date: Monday December 9, 2013
Location: Liberty Park. Instructions from your hare, there are 2 parking lots for Liberty Park.  Bring’em wants to meet in the southern lot.  The entrance to this lot is off Jewetta Ave, not off Brimhall Rd.  Map to the A at this link:  http://goo.gl/maps/ersx6
Normal time 6:30 p.m.  Dress warmly and bring a flashlight.
Cost: FREE

We’ll be in search of lights in the nearby neighborhoods.

On, On.

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