SLO’s Heinz 57 St Patty’s Day Hash 2013

SLOSLO – Jap, fraul, mad hatter, goth or Mexican in her dreams – 69 percent of the people with her non-Hash last name are black. So it makes perfect sense this Harriett would be born on St Patrick’s Day. Talk about the Luck of the Irish.

Her visits to Hash are always a treat, you never know who you are going to meet. The sweet girl full of hugs and smiles, the muse or the bitch. Hashers warning stay away from the one that bites.

So in celebration of her Heinz 57 heritage birthday SLO is going to Hare this year’s St Patty’s day Bakersfield Pub Crawl. The trail will start at the Fox Theater, at corner of H and 20th Sts. in beautiful downtown Bako. Map to the A at this link:

She will be celebrating St. Patty’s on the wrong day nonetheless all wankers are strongly encouraged to wear green or SLO will hunt you down and either steal your hat or spank you.

Cost for this trail is $10. Sounds like SLO may be shooting for a whole new level of drunkeness and disorganization at the down-down circle after the trail has been run. You don’t want to miss that.

See you there.
ON ON!!So cum in you favorite Irish get up.

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