Will’s #Tween Run 2013

Will Tween 2013Why they grow up so fast, it doesn’t seem so long ago that Hasher Will was crawling on the floor, picking up trash and scraps and putting them in his mouth, taking turns playing #slapthemonkey with his best friend I Did A Rod and speaking in unintelligible one and two word sentences in both English and gay  #Castellano Spanish (not that it is a bad thing).

O wait a minute what WAS last week!!!!!!! Sorry my bad.

Anyway Hasher Will cordially invites all #BH3 to your imminent drowning on Monday, March 25, 2013. He will be the hare for this #Bakersfield #hashhouseharriers #tween 2013 trail starting from Lake Ming.

We’ll meet on the east shore of the lake, just northeast of boat launching ramps. Will has conveniently provided this aerial shot so even the dimmest amongst us can’t get lost. Yeah, right.
Map to the start location at this link: http://goo.gl/maps/UEFRc

Meeting time is 6:30. Bring $5 for cold beer and crappy snacks, and bring a flashlight because we’ll probably end up in shiggy when it gets dark.


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