Hash of Fools 2013

foolsHere ye here ye here ye!!!!!  BH3 invites all manner of dullards, dimwits and those suffering from dementia to our namesake Hash – the Running of the Fools.  BH3’s own Barbie and Ken couple, beautiful Horse Cock Sally and gay boy meat Hasher Matt will lead us on a trail to places unknown.  Your sanity will not be questioned because if you had any sense you wouldn’t cum anyway.  Dress appropriately, which unfortunately for society means cum as you always do.

Here’s the scoop:

6:30 pm Party City Parking lot on Rosedale and Calloway
April Fools PBR Egg Run
Bring your fool, your foolish basket or dress in foolish attire
No One Is Safe from a Fool!

Here’s a map to the start of the April Fool’s Run:  http://goo.gl/maps/NBCZt

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