Motley Spew’s Pencil Dick Hash 2013

Motley SaluteObama is really putting the skids on America’s small businesses, the real job creators of this country. And who is taking the brunt of this attack against the free enterprise, why the workers of course. What’s a matter Obama I thought as a socialist the “Workers” would be your greatest concern.

Well wankers we at BH3 are not going to let this pass, so this weeks hash is dedicated to supporting one of our own, that poor proletariat Motley Spew. Help him help himself, he is not looking for a handout (but a hand job would be nice). So bring pencils, paper, staplers, outdated calendars, all manner of office supplies for Spew’s personal use. Because after all post Obama the $3 Billion in net income of his poor employer Hallibutron just doesn’t go as far as it used too. NYSE: HAL

Spew salutes your support for the common man.We’ll meet at 6:30 p.m. in parking lot on south side of the Wild West shopping center at Real Road & Stockdale Hwy. Entrance to lot is off Elcia Dr., one block south of Stockdale off of Real Rd.

Map to the run start:

Note the hare’s instructions: Bring $7 for the run and don’t forget to steal some office supplies for his personal needs. He also reminds that it is supposed to be cool tomorrow, so bring some warm clothing JIC.


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