No stupid theme Hash – We have the Hare for that Hash 2013

426889_10150580848946626_331378337_n[1]Micro Screwery is the Hare, obviously we couldn’t find anyone else to Hare so we had to scrape the bottom of the BH3 barrel to bring you this weeks Hash. Think I’m wrong, we are just reporting what we know. Who can remember (really who could) his last signature Hash – Right, Right, Right on in. This was followed by the epic and equally forgettable (I wish I could) – Right, Right, Left, Right on in.

Want to experience among the worst BH3 has to offer – Hare, Trail and of course $hitty beer and crappy snacks then we will see you this Monday. After this every other Hash will seem heaven. I’ve got no where else to go so I’ll be there.

The trail will start from the SE corner of Aera Park, off of Jewetta in West Bako. – 35.354056,-119.133339 or Map is here:

When you pull into Aera Park off Jewetta drive around the ball fields to the back near the gate for the horse trail and congregate there.

Micro says the trail will be between 3 and 30 miles. Even though it is now Daylight Savings Time bring your torch cuz it still will be dark towards the end, especially if it ends up being 30 miles

On On!

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