Ididarod and Hasher Will’s Over Cumpenisation 2013 Hash

My perfect girlfriend

My perfect girlfriend

What these two lack in intelligence, good looks and choice in girl friends they are about the demonstrate (for the Hashing world to see) is their ability to lay the first $hitting trail of the year. A norm for BH3.

Term “Get Mooned” virgin trail, cum see the disaster that is their lives in real time. Their email didn’t state it but I assume Latex is the dress code, no thank you but I’m wearing cotton and Stay Dri.

Event: Ididarod and Hasher Will’s Over Cumpenisation 2013 Hash Mooning Hash
Date: Monday January 28, 2013
Location: The meeting place is at the southwest corner of Ming and Ashe, on the south side of the laundromat next to Liquor King.
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: $5.00
Bring a flashlight and warm cloths for the on after.

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