Here cums Alice Virgin Lay

Alice_BH3Here cums Alice she is running down the street. Do wank Diddy diddy dumm Diddy do. That little engergizer bunny she’a jogg’in next to me.Singin’, Do wank Diddy diddy Dumm Diddy do

We jogged on, JOGGED ON To a Beer Near, BEER NEAR cause she likes it in the rear.  We jogged on to my on after, Then we jogged a little more

Holdin’ my member she was tugging naturally She looked good, LOOKED GOOD She stroked fine, STROKED FINE And I nearly lost my mind. Woe-oehw, I knew we were falling in love.

Cum fall in love on Alice’s virgin lay.

Event: Here cums Alice Virgin Lay
Date: February 4, 2012
Location: Village Grill in beautiful downtown Bako, at the NW corner of F St. and 28th St. Map to the A at this link:
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: $5.00

Bring $5 and a flashlight, and be prepared for urban warfare and other nonsense.


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