Hasher Matt’s virgin “Cherry Popper Run – Mardi Gras and V.D. Day” chiasse

King and Queen 2012Choooh BH3 branleuse,

Yous’s salopes et saluds dis the time to Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler.

We’s got da Red Dress Run, Drinko de Mayo, Halloween and Christmas Lights. Dass de right nutt’n can haunt vous ace Hasher Matt’s virgin “Cherry Popper Run – Mardi Gras and V.D. Day” chiasse, assisted by non-virgin hare Cheval Fumer le Cigare Sally.

Bh3 jouir ro-day up down the Bayou et get ready to abandonner tout l’inhibition et a bon couer de’pouille. Putains et bebs-get ready to show y’a bloblos balcon to earn y’a dare some dreegailles .

I got de freesôns tink’n an ahnvee doudounes that mak’n a the good time.

Think’n vous miss chiasse dôn do dat, show up et don’t put the da gree gree on vous.

Meeting: Beach Park Parking lot by the Old What a Racquet
Hares: Hasher Matt and Cheval Fumer le Cigare Sally
Date: Monday February 11, 2012
Time: Sex Thirty
Cost: Sex Dollars
Bring Beads for Boobs and/or any Valentine’s Day bullshit you can think of!



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