Micro and Ramblow’s 4 Corner Hash

Butt Hooks runs are usually 10 miles long with more obstacles and water barriers than Volkslauf, on Morning Wooden’s hippie A-B eight mile uphill runs we are also inflicted to his latest cockalorum for some Swami Vivekanandaf*ck or another.  Runs by Self-Cuntous, Trojan Whore and Squat and Hover usually guarantee boobies (yeah), while Diablower/F*ck Jose’s are all ways the best hashes ever.

Well this weeks Hasher Micro Screwery and Ramblow also have their peculiarities.  Ramblow’s are usually no longer than 1/3 mile and down hill, while you will never get lost on Micro runs, 2 miles, 4 left turns, 2 beer checks and on in. So wankers you know what to expect:

Event: Micro and Ramblow’s 4 Corner Hash
Date: Monday February 27, 2012
Location: Mondavi Park (Mondavi Way in west Bako)
Time: 6:30
Cost: $5.00

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