UpYours on the Kern River Hash 2012

Diablower/F#ckn Jose invites you to cum admire his Hash handywork one more time on the “UpYours on the Kern River Hash 2012”.

A non traditional Hash for him, it will have

  • No Hills
  • No Shiggy
  • No Zacatecas related theme

Just a 3.5 mile 3 beer check run under the stars and along the beautiful Kern River.  As a special visual treat, just for you, Diablower has also arranged an alignment of the planets Venus, Jupiter and, the moon.

Cum join the fun all the while getting some needed exercise for your lardass nalgas; and then put it right back with plenty of shitty PBR and salty snacks, and yes there will be Cheetos. Walker friendly, bike friendly (not trike), gay friendly and lesbian friendlier. Bring a flashlight and a newbee to play with in the bushes.

Event: UpYours on the Kern River Hash 2012
Date: Monday March 5, 2012
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Sam Lynn Ball Park parking lot North Chester and 40th (on the way to the dale)
Cost: $5.00 (payable in Dollars, Euros or Pesos)

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