2010 West-Chest-her Light Run

X-Tree, PBR and Cheetos

Hello Wanker Elves,

Yes, it’s time, once again, to take our merry selves on the West Chester Light Run.

Our head, who said head, tour guide is Super Stools.

She said, ”this run will live up to the low standards set many years ago”, boring with the highlight being shitty beer.

The start is the same old boring place, Jastro park at the band stand. Maybe, there will actually be some lights to see this year.

Date Monday Dec. 13th.

Time: 6:30 pm.

Cost: $4 Bucks

Place: Jastro Park Band Stand

Bring  a newbie for Bringem to play with.  Jastro Park is 1 ½ blocks east of Oak Street on the corner of Truxtun and
Elm St.

The band stand in on the west side of the park on Elm.
On On.

Bringem Young

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