Frosty Rehab Christmas Lights run 2010


The analyule Frosty Rehab Christmas Lights run through Haggin Oaks will be next Monday, Dec 20. So decorate yourself in your gaudiest Christmas costumes, bells, lights and any other seasonal paraphenalia you have and come embarrass yourself as we wander through hostile territory terrorizing the civilian population with schnapps, PBR and obscene carols from the Ramblow Christmas Hymnal.

The meeting place is the parking lot on the north side of the Kaiser Permanente medical office on 88OO Ming Avenue. Kaiser is at NE corner of Ming and Haggin Oaks Blvd.

Cum one, cum all for glad tidings and cold beer. Bring your flashlights and $5.


Frosty’s rehab can’t wait. Rain or dry (most likely rain) the hash will go On On. So see you all there. Don’t forget bring your extra buck or two for that homeless enabler Dustin’s Diner.

Weather Frosty's Rehab Run Dec 20, 2010

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