Excrementos and Hasher Jason’s aka Justin Pink Panther – How Gay they are (Not that it’s a bad thing) Hash

Wankers and Wankettes,
Cum one and all to the Pink Panther hash on Monday, May 12 starting at North Rosedale Park. From highway 99, take highway 58 (Rosedale) west. Turn right onto Jewetta. TheDon\'t worry it\'s just for show park is on the left before you get to Hageman. Ware your best, or worst, Pink Panther gear.
Your hares, Excrementos and Hasher Jason aka Justin, are impersonating the great inspector Clouseau and his trusty valet, Kato. This is a flourless and chalkless run (using the term loosely) relying upon clues from the great inspector to find the sacred sacrament. Brush up on your Pink Panther lore and you may win a special prize. This will be a good time to bring virgins to a truly unique hash.
On-on Wankers
Escrementos and his new (I am so over you Diablower) love honey Hasher Jason er I mean Justin.

Click to view map


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