First hot Monday of the year A-B run

You can\'t get there from here

Regrets to Harriett’s Gina and Graciela on the occasion of their new hash names. Gina will for ever now be known as Wis”cunt”son. Keeping with the geography theme Graciela will for ever now be known as Penesuela. The following is a note from Penesuala with an accompanying translation that reads as she speaks.

“ok i just got my name yesterday. So from now on I’m going to be Penesuela??, or something like that I will like to know how did you decide to spell it and also to be add to the mailing list. .fucking love you all” Peniuzuela


“OK I just egot my ename jesterday. Soo from enow on I’m going to be ecalled Peniuzuela, or esome ting like edat. I would elikie to eknow how did jew decided to espell iit and also (how iz it egoing) to be added to the mailing list. Efuck e you all..” Peniuzuela


It’s 100 degrees, time to get wet. Start location of 5/19 run 8403 Waterfield Drive. Run will be A to B. Looks like we’re gonna get wet. I sure hope it will involve wet t-shirts.Hand Job



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