Stools Drinko de Mayo 2008

Olay there all you wanks,

K-pustule and all that manure do.

You want to know wear we’re meeting for Monday Nights Hash don’t you?

Stools (that’s her on the right after a six pack) say’s to meet at the strip park just west of the Stockdale bridge by the mighty Kern River Dry bed.

Mahardon licking that Mexican joy juice.

Go west on Stockdale from Buena Vista to the first left turn lane before you
get to the bridge and right across the street from the River-walk park.

BH3 Drinko De Mayo 2008

Turn left on River Park Way and continue to the first right turn, Turn right
on Orchard Park Dr., continue to Peninsula Park, turn right and go to the

Stools wants everyone to put on their best Mexican attire and bring $5.00.
Be prepared to drinko fo miles.

On, On, Bring-em.

Click Diablower/Mahardon pic to enter BH3 Drinko de Mayo 2008 gallery.

Click Bloodery Mexican to enter Cums 2 Quickly pic gallery.


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