After months being held in quarantine by Nigerian customs and probably infected with Ebola the sacred BH3 Hash Shit Presentation of the Hash Shithas been returned to the Homeland. This weekend a high level delegation of BH3 Wankers – Exhibit Whore, Diamond Dick and RETURN of the HASH SHIT!!Bloodery Nipples will travel to the land of Bush aka Texas to retrieve from Red Rocket the Hash Shit. Cum celebrate it’s return this Monday March 31st.

The next run will start at Chuy’s Southwest, 2500 New Stine Road, at the SE corner of Wilson Rd. and New Stine Rd. The hare will be Diamond Dick. He promises to be sporting the Hash Shit, freshly repatriated after a too long stint in Nigeria. All hands On On HashitThat is, if U.S. Customs is foolish enough to let Red Rocket into the country carrying that thing. <click here for more pictures of the presentation of the Hashit>

Diamond and Exhibit Whore say this run will be a celebration of the return of spring. Okaaaayy. For those so inclined, you are instructed to to wear pastel colors in honor of the equinox. Hashit has returnedFor the rest of you, I’d suggest you dress to celebrate the return of the Hash Shit. That may require a trip to the tattoo parlor, but that’s up to you.

Bring $4 for regular hash goodies.



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