Note to the Hash: We have been discovered by the Bakosphere

I guess it had to happen, the crack staff at the Bakersfield Californian “Bakosphere” have finally found us. I guess they must have been out on a break the other 50 times we have run by their building downtown.
I hope this tacit endorsement from the establishment paper doesn’t hamper our continued recruitment of the weird to the calling of Hashdum.
On On
Blog Roundup: Choir trips, a moaning Kiwi, a drinking club, and photography lovers
A teenage girl writes about a trip her and fellow church choir members took to Universal Studios and Forest Lawn on the I-Shall-Remain-Nameless blog. Read her entertaining account here.And talking of travels, a Kiwi arrives in Bakersfield and can’t wait to leave. What? He’s obviously not going to try the lamb stew at Noriega’s.Read reviews of Noriega’s here.

The Bakersfield Hash House Harriers would probably prefer the Picon punches at Noriega’s seeing as they bill themselves as a ‘Drinking Club with a Running Problem.” The running club is holding a run tonight.

And finally, some friends get together in downtown Bakersfield and take some photos. Check them out here.

posted by bakosphere on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 08:30 AM
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