Bringem and Stools Mammorial trail

BH3 Hot tub beauties


A good time was had by all at Bringem and Stools Mammorial trail. Click here for more pics. Warning these pics should not be seen by anyone. Parents don’t let your children grow up to be Hashers.

On On

A few important details on the Mammorial Day hash.

WHEN: SUNDAY, May 27, 3:00 p.m.
COST: $6
BRING: Side dish, swimsuit (optional), towel

Remember to RSVP to Bring’em or Superintendent of Stools.

Thanks to Bringem and Stools for hosting the Mammorial trail “A” and

on-after. There’s one more thing you need to remember. We will be Such a fine group as these you won’t find just any where…you’ve really got to look in the gutter, under a rock, hiding behind a bush….On On past and present BH3 wankers.

doing all this on SUNDAY May 27 at 3:00 pm. If you show up on monday you’ll miss the SHITTY trail not to mention the PBR.

C U SUNDAY wanks!


Limpy ie Extremely Rigid Tool

***********************On On

Bringem wrote:
Hear’s the deal Wanks:

I burn a bunch of dogs and boogers.

You show up and bring good crap to eat.

Limpy lays a trail, we drink, we eat, we drink some more, then we all get naked and pile into the pool and spa.

Wait!! Limpy doesn’t get naked under any circumstances, got it! Hashers don’t let limpies get naked!!

OK- now here are the special instructions:

1- You email me and tell me that you’re cummin.
2- You tell me what you’re a bringin. (salad, desert, side dish etc.)
3- We’ll have the meat and drinks- beer what else!!
4- Remember if kids come they will probally hear stuff!
5- Pre-lube starts at minus 3:00pm, trail starts at 3:00pm, sharp!!

Bring’em & Superintendent of Stools.


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