Dammit Janet and Wombrooms’s Horse Hotel Country Western Hash Run At Triple C Ranch

Grapefield TractorFields of Bakersfield This shitty trail had little to do with horses and cowboys, it was mostly dust, bugs and pesticides. Given what we saw and smelled today if I were you I’d wash my fruits and veggies three times before I’d eat them. Today we saw corporate agra-business at it’s best. I particularly liked the the sparrows in the cages that are regularly tested for toxic levels of pesticides.

Learn more about pesticide poisoning at:

UFW Si Se Puede

The on after of PBR and BBQ more than made up for this toxic run in the fields.


Look for a sign that says “HORSE HOTEL”……if you see that you are in the
right spot oh and 5815 is the ranch house 5818 is the barn so don’t worry.


Dammit Janet is the hare for the next trail. See her message below. Take
$6.00 for the trail and BBQ on-after. Looks like she’s planning some kinda
HO-DOWN. – Yippy calla motha hasher.

She has directed us to the A at a remote location on 5815 S. Fairfax Rd. Her
directions are to take Fairfax from 58 and go south until you see a white
ranch house. As near as I can tell you will go at least 3 miles before you
see the desired white ranch house. If you see more than one white ranch
house I guess it would be best to look for the address also. If the white
ranch house we are looking for doesn’t have an address showing I guess we
will need to pull out our trusty PBR sniffer and lock in on the right
location with that. Just remember one thing. I’m only the messenger. Dammit
Janet sent out the directions so direct your “questions” to her at the
approprate time.

Country Western Hash Run At Triple C Ranch, 5815 S. FAIRFAX ROAD
Trip Tip, Beans and Salad and good old PBR

$6.00 per person should cover it…………….

PARKING: Coming from 58 pass the white ranch house (white with black gates)
pass the water tank then turn right into the ranch, drive straight into the
empty pasture and park. We will meet up at the Cook Shack which is over by
the main arena to your right as your driving in.


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