Commander’s run by the river

A crappier run we could not have had. Sand as deep as quicksand, the smell of dead fish, plus a visitor “Barbie” (what a sissy name, and I thought Texans were tough) from our mother Hash in Houston Texas. The only saving grace was the shitty beer, granny goose dollar store chips and cheap pizza and the fact that the run came to an end..



Commander Cock-Off is the hare this week. The run will start at the usual time, 6:30pm from Sperma la Douche’s house. Address is 11905 Peninsula Park Dr. Byron W. Moore Photography

General directions:

From Gosford/Coffee Rd. and Stockdale Hwy, head west on Stockdale Hwy 2 miles to Buena Vista Rd. Left on Buena Vista to first traffic signal, turn right at light onto River Run Blvd. Go ~1/4 mi on River Run to 3rd cross street where right turn is possible, Mountain Park Dr. Turn right onto Mountain Park to dead end at Peninsula Park Dr. Turn left, find Sperma’s house, park car, turn engine off, get out of car, start drinking mass quantities of PBR.

Cool Hare

News flash…come to Hash and meet a cousin..not a kissing cousin (not yet anyway). It seems that of all the places in the world Sperma and DiaBlower/F’kn Jose were born about 3 miles apart in La Estancia del Berumen/Juanchorrey, Tepetongo Zacatecas and by these accounts have to be related. Yeah wankers La Estancia/Juanchorrey are in margarita ville – tequila heaven Mexico….At 7,000 feet altitude this part of Zacatecas has some of the best runners anywhere. People from these parts sure love party which of course includes drinking lots of beer..


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