BH3 Membership List – Past and Present

Such a fine group as these you won’t find just any where…you’ve really got to look in the gutter, under a rock, hiding behind a bush….On On past and present BH3 wankers.

Cool Hare

Assholiness, Asshopper, Bloodery Nipples, Boa C, Bring’em Young, Burning Bush, Butthook, C Hunt, Chainlink Pink, Chicken Pot Guy, Clitorally Speaking, Commander Cockoff, Constanteenie Weenie, Cumpond W, Cums Rapidly, Dalai Labia, Dammit Janet, Diamond Dick, Dick on a Lip, Dylan G, El Diablow/Fucking Jose, Ellen DeGenerate, Eta Smegma Pie, Ewe Fucker, Excrementos, F’n Efrin, Fartichoke, Flatliner, GeorgeJ, Jeff Q, Josie and the Pussywarts, Kegel Meister, Limp Noids, Maid of Mist, Marathon Pump-her, Marilyn Man-ho, Matzo Balls, Meat in the Middle, Mechanical Bull, Mommie Queerest, Mrs. Doubtfire, No Hair Where?, Palm the Pink, Pecker Wrecker, Porno Pippi, Red Rocket, Sperma La Douce, Stay Out Stay Alive, Superintendent of Stools, Tri-Ti, Womb Broom.



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