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Hare needed for St Patty’s Day Hash

This just in, Blood Plug that 110% Irish among us (he is just well tanned) will not be available for the St. Patty’s day Hash.  Something about work and family….can you believe it. I don’t, he has probably found someone else to go hashing with.

So wankers we need to ID a new hare for this, another ethnic “Non American” religious holiday celebration, run. Please let Hook or Limpy know.

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At least I have the Hash

My feet hurt

I’m loosing my gait

No longer real runner

there is no debate

Mt Sac, Fresno Relays, CIF or State

If didn’t do then it’s too late

An old running f#cker, still in great shape

At least I have the Hash

Got to go before I’m late

on  on