#ONON Sleazy Bake’s Virgin Lay

Your humble scribe has erred (that means fucked up for you BH3 cretins). Sleazy’s virgin lay will start at 2612 Beech St., NOT at 2512 Beech St. Apologies to all.


[BHHH] #ONON Sleazy Bake’s Virgin Lay

Come out June 25 to witness Sleazy Bake Oven’s de-flour-ing as she endures the time-honored ritual of her virgin trail lay. This debacle will start at 2512 Beech St. in the Westchester area.

Bring $5 for the Hash Sacrament (cold PBR) and the usual assortment of health-endangering snacks. And bring any tidings/salutations/heavy objects you have to throw towards Sleazy Bake as she commits herself to BH3.