BH3 – The First Illegal Aliens – Turkey Surprise Hash and Potluck 2014

1stillegalsFirst the President Obama and now Horsecock Sally has opened the flood gates to illegal aliens so they can have there way with her.  You’ve seen them, they talk funny smell bad and wear those funny clothes.  But what you gonna do they are here to stay and some of the girls are ohhh sooo cute.PirgLdy

So in the spirit of welcoming these newest immigrants circa 1620 and hoping they get right with the law, Horsecock Sally would like to invite the whole BH3 Wanking World to the ranch for Hash and Potluck. Indude

Dress in the your best original illegal alien outfit, see wants you all to play Pilgrims and Indians.

Usual time 6:30 PM, Monday Nov 24th, 2010.

Plus bring a dish for the on after.
Location 5818 south Fairfax rd. 93307 located approximately  3.3 miles south of Hwy 58 in South East Bakersfield.

Dress warm and bring a flashlight.