Butt Hook’s Run For No Reason

catinthehatrunI’ve got nothing so I’ll just steal from myself.

There is absolutely no reason for this run. We’re not running to save some endangered desert rat.  Nor lend support to the recall effort of some activist judge thumbing his nose at the will of the people.  Little Joey is going to have to go someplace else to pay for his chemo, because we’re not going to do it.  The only “Hope” we have for this run is a shiggy trail and an ice chest full of PBR. The election is over so miraculously Ebola has been cured and ISIS is not to be feared. (this is new)

Butt Hook is the Hare so you know what that means, fences and crawling through smelling knee keep sewers oh and it just rained.

What more do you want for $5.00 on a Monday  in Bakersfield.

A abandoned Costco Gilmore St. east of Buck Owens http://t.co/w5o2sQaOoI 

6:30PM 11/17/14

Bring flashlight and you might need some sweats.