Motley’s Beer and Slop (err err Soup) Hash 2014

Healthy PenisEvery concerned for your (penal) health and warmth Motleys offering up his soup making skills again this year and invites all Bakersfield BH3 Wankers, Harriets and the greater Rurur cummunity to his 2nd annal Beer n Soup Hash. jpnospam

Some people really enjoyed his soup, for the rest of you it only gets better after the 3rd down down.

Nonetheless what else you got going on this chilly Monday evening, so cum on out and at as least pretend to like his slop.BEERNSOUP

Entry fee is $5 and a can (or ten) of items from the back of your pantry.  You know that Jalapeno Spam you bought while drunk 5 years ago. All items will in turn be donated to a local food pantry probably to be donated to all the seasonal Walmart Workers.

Just like his soup, Motley has promised not to put much work in to his Hash, so if you ran this last year it’ll look very similar or the same; probably 3-4 miles, 3 beer checks (subject to revision). See you there. Onon

Event: Mothley’s Beer n Soup Hash 2014
Date: Monday Dec 1, 2014
Location: Show up at the old Target corner of Wible N Ming
Time: 6:30 pm
Fee: $5 and a can of non perishable food goods