Bakersfield Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run 2014

Wankers, near and not so far once again it’s time for the primer hash event of the year – The annal Bakersfield Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run.  Cum experience Diamond Dick’s mad cap 2-3 mile trail through the streets and mostly alleys of downtown Bakersfield. 182343_3536543333846_1638617506_n

The fee for this year’s BH3 Hash extravaganza will be $8.00. In addition, and to spread the wealth around, we are asking for an additional $5 or can food donation to benefit the Bakersfield Homeless Center – they don’t know about this yet but I’m sure they’ll be happy to take whatever we give them.

So cum join our bevy, covey, flight, gaggle, brood, hatch, litter, shoal, school, swarm or kennel of badly dress wankers and hot ass harrietts (it’s only going to be 107 degrees- but at least it’s a dry heat) for a zany fun filled night of singing, drinking, fashion, drinking and general debauchery interrupted with a bit of running.  In addition to PBR and stale chips Diamond has expanded his menu of sploogies, from Green to Purple. Wow if that’s not enough of a reason to cum then I don’t know what is!!!!!

179954_3073428769805_1247564192_nDon’t have a dress Target’s got them for $69.69, Roamon’s $29.99 (never heard of them), Travel Smith Voyager $83.00 (never heard of them) or your’ local Good Will (twenty locations around town to service you) for $6.90 or you can just raid you’re old ladies or trans cousin giveaway closet.   Either way see you at Hash.

556487_3829154081123_226730694_nEvent: Bakersfield Hash House Harrier – Annal Red Dress Run 2014
Benefit: Bakersfield Homeless Center
Date: Monday June 30, 2014
Location: 20th and Eye St, downtown Bakersfield
Time: 6:30 pm
Beer Fee: $8.00, $5.00 or Can Food Donation
Attire: Red Dress