Shut Up And Hash – 2014



It’s too hot;  it’s too long; too much shiggy; this Hash doesn’t carry glutten-free organic beer,  I thought Red Dress run was this week;  the US Soccer blew their lead to last place Portugal in the last 3 seconds of their World Cup qualifying match.

Wha Wha Wha quit your’ bitching, show up to tomorrows hash (NOT RED DRESS) 5:30 pm, bring $5 and be happy I don’t make this a one way 8 mile Morning Wooden.

Hash 6/23/14 Greystone Park corner of Harris & Mountain Vista Dr past Old River Rd. 6:30 5$.

I don’t want to hear it anymore, don’t make me turn this Hash around and go home.

Link to A:

I’m Dr. Strange Love and I disapprove of this Hash.