Cupid your little prikkk we are going to kick your Hash 2014

Love-HurtsBoy have you been busy these past few years you little minie wheeny nano nalgas botijon. Sure every now and then you’ve done your job right and it’s there on FB for the rest of us to disperse over. Moreover however you’ve spent your time spreading jealousy, anger and disappointment and leaving unrequited love in your wake.   

Well your time is up you little car-bone….be prepared to meet your maker, and what better Hare to get the job done than that Elvis impersonator, big bird and Amazon Goddess with the long golden hair that has invaded the waking dreams of many a poor soul – Squat and Hover.

Yes, she is taking pity on your love lost souls (by digging the knife a little bit deeper) by allow you to again experience her Hash perfection. Wankers and Harrietts – Squat has a little for the both of you….Wankers you get to see what you can never have and harrietts you get to be content with what you are, because the spot of Hash Perfection is already taken.  As she told this humble webwanker to tell you,  “This is my Valentines gift to you”.

So let’s get ready to turn the tables on Cupid the little wanker, so bring the nerf guns and amo (Cupid is kinda soft so it won’t take much to shoot him down) also we must go in disguise so wear your best Cupid costume! Hash start will be where the red dress run starts downtown Eye and 22nd across the parking lot by Dagneys.KeepCalmOnOn

Event: Cupid your little prikkk we are going to kick your Hash 2014
Hare: A perfect Squat and Hover Affair
Date: Monday, February 10th, 2014
Location: Downtown Bakersfield – Eye and 22nd
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $5.00 (subject to change) $0 Overhead, $0 Administration Fees, $0 Police/City Staff Over time, $5.00 – 100% Local economy