This year’s Halloween/Dia de los Muertos Hash is a celebration of all things MILFS — Mummies, Muertos, Mamacitas or Maricones (SLO usually brings these). Led by none other than Harriett Hottiees Self Cuntcious and Trojen Whore, plus a possible mystery hare. Be afraid very afraid for these whorewomen of Hash will lead us through an extravaganza of downtown Bakersfield pubs. (At least for the 10 bucks they are asking this better be good).

So cum as your best demon, diva, dead person or dork. Harrietts this hare recommends you stick to all manner of mamacitas, Diamond Dick you are scary as $hit already no need to dress up.

Date:Monday October 28,2010
Location: 21st and Eye St, Bakersfield,
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $10
Dress: $$$$$$$$$$llllllutry

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