Hash With No Name 2012

Now I know there is something else going on this week?????

Let’s see Red Dress is over, Hard Rock was about a month ago, also did the thing with the horse two weeks ago; just completed Dia de Los Muertos/Halloween and Mayan End of the world/ West”chest”her & Haggen Oaks lights run aren’t for a couple weeks.

For the likes of me I can’t remember what else is going on this week that is is of local/national/world importance???? Anyway I’m sure it will cum to me.

Moving on, Monday is cummin up which of course means Hash. So fellow BH3 Wankers here is what we know about the “Hash With No Name 2012”. It will be a not so virgin lay by the self proclaimed “The Man” I’ve however heard others, I’m not saying who, refer to him by a different moniker.

Hash will cummese from Beale Park
(Palm St & Oleander Ave ), Bakersfield, CA, 93301
Date: Monday November 5th 2012
Cost: Not $10, not $8, not even $6 but regular good ol $5.00
Start time: 6:30 Pacific Standard Time
Bring flashlight, bring sweats for after the run.

I will I could remember what else is going on, I understand it has some thing to do with maps like the one attached. If anyone knows, anyone please let me know otherwise see you all there. On On.

$hitty trail, running through dark alleys following marks were the size of condom wrappers.  Best hash in a couple weeks.

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