Chris and FAG’s – Old lady kicked me out of the house I need a place to live Hash 2012

Chris & FAG’s bromance is finally out in the open. Their old ladies caught them trying on each other’s Red Dress….which isn’t for at least another 8 months. So they need to find an apartment to move in together and they need the Hash’s help. Google Maps, Mapquest, Zillow, Trulia or Bing Maps they just need a place to live. The search will begin behind the 7/11 on Stine/California and Stockdale HWY – cost of the run is 5$ American money. There could be a fence in this mix.
Thanks Chris & FAG – you will all be invited to the house warming party.

Event: Chris and FAG’s Bromance apartment search Hash
Date: Monday October 22, 2012
Location: 7-11 California-Stine and Stockdale Hwy
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $5.00

Bring a flashlight and some warmer cloths. Winter is finally here it should be about 60 degrees.

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