Boothook’s (aka Pecker Woods) BH3 Golf Hash 2012

Hare says make sure your balls are clean for this run


It’s time for the analyule Golf Run, to be held Monday, Sept 17.  The course will once again be in the Southwest.  The clubhouse is at 2801 Ashe Rd., SW corner of Ashe Rd and N. Half Moon Dr.  The parking lot is behind the clubhouse.  Map to the clubhouse at this link:

Please check in with the starter, the Hare for this event will be our very own Butthook (aka Pecker Woods) for evening.  Meet at 6:30 p.m.  Tee time will be 6:40 sharp.  Through divine intercession – or perhaps not – greens fees are a terrific bargain at only $5.

As always, proper attire is required.  Examples of proper attire for ladies and gentlemen are kindly provided.  Please adhere to the standards exemplified here or exceed them. Along with proper attire, proper etiquette must be observed at all times.  Please be kind and cooperative with your playing partners and otherwise conduct yourself in a gentlemanly fashion, as shown.

See you on the green.
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