47 Percent Moocher Hash 2012

I am 47

Bh3 Community, get ready, our next hash will take us on a field trip . Were you might ask??? Back towards the river, downtown, Rosedale or the southwest. None of the above, this weeks Hash take place in what some might call the other side of the tracks, ghetto, barrio, lomas or the hood. A place that others, the 47 percent (or in the case of Bakersfield probably more like 74 percent.) call home.

You know “those people that are dependent on government” and “won’t take responsibility for themselves” – the government moochers, Cadillac welfare queens and freeloading old folks on Social Security. Why I’ll bet a whole bunch of them even take the GET bus to (if they have) work.

Expecting a run along broad sidewalks and tree lined streets. No-sir -re-Bob, not to bother about slipping off sidewalks, because there aren’t going to be any; and if they do the home owner probably built it themselves. CFT no chance you will hit a tree (again) on this his, the only shrubs you are going to possibly run into are two-three foot weeds.

Manicured lawns,  are you kidding, the last thing those people want to do (after cleaning other people’s yards) is to do their own. Plus keep your eyes peeled you might find an undocumented immigrant or two or twenty. You think they government moochers now wait for immigration reform passes.  Plus please run respectfully past the three or four homeless encampments it’s hard work standing off the freeways exits holding up those signs.

Thank you city and county leaders for holding firm on the budget for sidewalk construction, lot and street cleaning or weed abatement. Because someone recently (I don’t recall who) said “No need to worry about those people, because if they vote, they probably didn’t vote for you anyway,”

Your tour guide Hare for this Hash will be Diablower aka F*ckn Jose.

Event: 47 Percent Hash 2012
Date: Monday September 24, 2012
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Meet in the Sizzler parking lot cross streets (Mt Vernon and Mall View (across from Starbucks & Jack in the Crack)) – 2648 Mt Vernon Ave just off exit 178. Link to A http://goo.gl/maps/Oxhvb
Cost: Bring $6.00 no food stamps, WIC or ETB cards accepted.
Hash will be 3 miles & 3 beer checks. No theme, no games, just another great Diablower inspired Hash with a little edumacational experience thrown in plus there will be PBR and new $hitty $alty $nacks. This run will also be biker and somewhat walker friendly.

Finally it is getting dark earlier so bring a flashlight.

If I have offended you in any way I regret I didn’t get you into a fitting rage. No need to worry however I’ll get over it.

Yours in Hash
Diablower/F#ckn Jose
On On

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