Red, White, and Brew Run 2012

Patriots and Hash Babes Mexican – Mighty and Irish – Testicle will lead this all Americano affair. Everyone else had a college 1-S (C) deferment; rejected 4-F for unexceptionable mental and moral standards; or is on a 3 year Mission trip to Paris to save the crepes and souffle from the evils of margarine.

History Lesson: It’s the historically accurate day we separated from those people with the horrible yellow and crooked teeth! The founding fathers (no women allowed….agghhh the good o’l days….but I digress…will be there… Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter (the founder of Pabst Beer) and Bring’Em Young.

Event: Red, White, and Brew Run 2012
Date: Monday July 2, 2012
Run start: 6:30 pm
Location: Bright house amphitheatre at River walk Park.
Bright House Networks Amphitheatre
11200 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Only patriotic border crossers will be allowed to this run. Dress up! Yea! The colors of your favorite country…others will be shot by Ramblow.

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