BRUCE CAMPBELL! Hail to the King Baby! Ramblow’s Gay Love Hash

This Monday we’ll be paying tribute to an All-American Hero’s Birthday! Yes, the biggest wank of them all turned 53. Yes, we all know and love him . . .BRUCE CAMPBELL! Hail to the King Baby! We loved him in Army of Darkness, Spiderman, and Evil Dead. So there will be DC’s or Deadite Checks along the run which starts at the Bakersfield Art Museum parking lot at 1930 R street @ 6:30 p.m. At all the DC’s there will be shitty beer AND … BOOZE PRIZES for those who know their Bruce Trivia. Because it just wouldn’t be a Hash Birthday without flour in the air. . . there may be additional flour on trail for no other purpose than throwing it, bring an extra shirt accordingly. Prize contest will be held for the deadite most covered in flour. Cost of the run is $5.00 and since it’s a Ramblow run, feel free to bring yer newbies and high heels because yer not going that far or that fast! On-On!

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