SPAZZ’s Running is for Pu$$Y’s Hashing Is For Drinking 1040 Tax Day Trail 2012

Bh3, you are a bunch of a$$holes. Click on me

Bh3, you are a bunch of assholes:

This message is to give you information about the 1040 Tax Day Trail this Monday. Location: In the parking lot behind Sequoia Sandwich Shop between Dick’s and Target Rosedale.  Cost: $10 (Don’t be a cheap piece of $hit. You’re going to get a LOT of beer for that money.) Don’t drink and drive, call your skank old lady to pick you up, call a taxi. If you die in a fiery crash or get hauled to jail for DUI it’s your own damn fault and you are a turd. If you cum and don’t drink because you are the designated driver you are a turd.

Time: Monday 4/16/12 6:30, just like usual.
What are you a retarded or something?
Notes: 10 beer checks.
No lame strippers when the B squad is working.
10 beer checks.
Less than 3 miles- Running is for Pu$$Y’s Hashing Is For Drinking.
Did I mention 10 beer checks?
Try to show up on time, because this $hit needs to work like f#cking clockwork, and if we have to wait on you, no one gets to drink beer. No Mexican time mojados.
Bh3, you are asshole. Oh, yeah… 10 beer checks.
You won’t need any extra money on this run, unless you plan to do some shopping in trail, but you’re a real f#cktard if you do.

Also, there will be 10 beer checks.

Your Sperm Leader for Life

Don’t call me if you need any extra info. Just show your a$$ up.

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