Spank My Virgin Kitty trail

Please Spank My Virgin Kitty


Alyse (sp?), Cumpond W’s consort, will be the hare for the next run Monday, April 9, 6:30 p.m. He must be paying her big time (or have other attributes) to keep her cumming back.  This will be her virgin lay – not to be confused as to whether she is a virgin or not.  But I digress; she has declared this run to be the Please Spank My Virgin Kitty trail…Meow

Meet at Beach Park, at the Cancer Survivors’ Plaza in the northeast corner of the park. Map to the A:

The trail might be an A-to-B, with the B being close to the A. That’s not firm at press time, but a possibility. The hare requests you bring $10 for this trail, so she’s got some shit planned for us that she chooses not to divulge.

Come on out and support Alyse on her virgin lay.


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