$10 Dolla I’ll Make You Halla – Cum Let Cupid Beat the Love Out of You


Been dumped & lied to for NO honest reason (again) 😦

But then that was last week, and it happens all the time.

I’m fun, outgoing, and pretty looking for the same! No strings attached. Discrete,  I only go by code name…. Diamond Dick, Limpnoids, Womb Broom, Bringem Young, Squat and Hover, Self-Cuntious or Trojan Whore you won’t know who I’ll be ????? each week. 🙂

So It’s pretty simple, I’m a hot mellow 24 year old looking to hook up, I go both ways – guy/gal I’ll take one of each. Disease free (for now) my latest test hasn’t cum back. I have no kids, don’t want any either, I was abandoned at birth don’t want to do the same.  I have never done drugs, but do drink socially (PBR), smoke some but I hate myself for it.

I love to cuddle with a beer, active (workout 5x /wk) run through the dirt, streets, Kern River at time.  I’ll do it anywhere, mostly on Monday’s occasionally other days but you have to give me a real reason.  Hot sweaty 110 degree summer days or foggy winter nights you can count that I will be there. HiT me up and go to the front of the line.

Afterwards we can continue the fun, stuffing ourselves on salty snacks and more $hitty beer, or we can go away be alone and see what happens to blow under the trees. Cum on you know you want to do it. No time to waste let’s start this Monday, February 13, 2012.  Meeting place Dagny’s parking lot on 20th and Eye, Downtown Bakersfield 6:30 pm.  Theme is “For $10 Dolla I’ll Make You Halla – Cum Let Cupid Beat the Love Out of You!” Expect lots of beer, shots, nudity, spankings, and extra treats.  Cost  $10, but bring extra singles to feed the local economy.  Inquire within…u may be surprised!!♥

Visit my website www.bhhh.org, FB, or call my secret number at sIX-3-thReE-tHres-ciNcO-9-SeVeN

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