Wankers the Rapture came and went and you are still here, so let’s get smoking.

It’s suddenly gotten hot outside.

We may be the only ones noticing, as we see crazy a%$ hares and harriets STILL running on hot Monday nights!

We hope the f@#$$%@ heat trend continues (do we have a choice?) and the Hell Fire continues to consume Bakersfield *as usual* this cuming Monday night.. This run is a celebration of our approaching fall from grace and will hasten everyone’s descent into misery and anguish!

We are going to have lots of beer, running, hot asphalt and concrete and hopefully SOMEONE will collapse from either heat exhaustion or beer intoxication!

It will be fun!

Come on, Hashers!


When : 6:30 pm, Monday June 20, 2011

Where:  Starting at the Narrow Gate Ministries, come join us at the Ministries Play Yard  (Southeast Corner of Lowe’s on  Columbus )

Cost: $6.00

The torture begins!

Please look your best for the Ministry in your spare Priest ceremonial dresses, and BringEm and Hash Shit Bitch need some Catholic School Girls with Attitude. Mormon Boys Welcome!  WTF, Hell is non-denominational so cum in whatever religious garb that you’ve dreamt of wearing in Hades. ON ON!

Testicle Festival and Hasher Kyle

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