Abercuminme & Bitch’s Me 1 & Me 2 Hash

Abercuminme & Bitch Before And AfterBH3 Wankers and Harrietts,

There is a reason Abercuminme & Bitch has been missing from the hash these past few weeks.  His job in Washington DC has kept him busy.  However no fear this gig will soon be over.  Need proof see pic of before and after.  It’s on the internet so it must be real.

The June 13 trail will start on the Bakersfield High School campus at 6:30. Trail will begin near the BHS tennis courts, which are on Campus Way off of California Ave, on the far west side of the campus. Campus Way is the continuation of A St. on the north side of California Ave.  Map link here:

The hare will be Abercuminme & Bitch.
3-4 miles
3-4 beer checks

Bring $5 for cold PBR and the usual assortment of crappy snacks.

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