Blood Plug’s Futbol Hash 2010


Last weeks Hash could easily qualify as one of the best trails of the year, only comparable with the Shiggy de Mayo hash….and just by coincidence the Hare for both was Daiblower/F*ckn Jose.  How about that.

Well in the worlds of Monty Python’s Flying Circus “And now for something completely different”

The next trail for Monday Nov. 29 will be hared by the wandering Blood Plug. He has returned to Bako for a conjugal visit AND between the sheets will attempt to hare fro the next trail.

He has declared this will be Monday Night Football night at the hash. Wear your favorite team garb. For the Harriets this is the perfect opportunity to wear that cheerleader outfit you’ve been wanting to wear out and about ..So do it. If you want to exhibit your fan personality by painting your face with team colors… Go for it.

Th location for the start will be North Highlands Park just off 7th Standard Rd. in where else North Oildale. From 99 go north to Hwy 65 and then trun right on 7th Standard (aka Merle Haggard). Go past the airport on 7th Standard and turn left on the first street PAST the  Airport Dr. intersection. Go up a block or so and North Highland Park will be on the right.

Bring $4 and a Flashlight and prepare for some chilled PBR, stale chips, and Shitty Trail.

On On!

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